market-update_6-19-16_01The Chroma 3 case has come and gone, and 9 days ago the Gamma case has newly arrived.  With all the new stuff that’s been happening, there’s been a few trends that have taken root. However, it can be noted that overall, it’s a bear market.  Blame it on what you will; the summer sale has most people buying games, not skins.  The Brexit has led to some shaky economies, and CSGO has most notably, the AK-47 and M4A4 skins after the patch on 6/15 has trended upwards, and the M4A1-S skins have trended downwards.  Part of the reason may be the brand-new reload sounds that were added in the last patch; when weapons run low on ammo, you can actually hear it now.  This helps out a lot for the AK and M4A4, but it’s not as helpful on the M4A1-S.  Additionally, it’s a regardless.

Here’s the breakdown of all the most popular CSGO skins and what you can expect in the future:

AWP Asiimov (field-tested)


The AWP Asiimov (field-tested) is lower than what it is usually valued at.  Given the cyclical nature of the AWP skins, it’s bound to return to at least $33 from its current price of $28.  This would definitely be a good chance to profit, since the Asiimov will always look cool, especially with its brand-new P250 counterpart from the Chroma 3 case.  Given the cyclical nature of expensive skins, I would guess that after the summer sale the price will jump back up.
market-update_6-19-16_03Speaking of Asiimov, the P250 Asiimov is my personal favorite skin from the Chroma 3 collection.  Having dropped all the way to $5, the price has actually gone back up to $6.  Not only does this give a good indication of the value of the skin, but now that the Chroma 3 collection prices have settled in, it’s now a much better time to buy the skins that you want instead of opening a case and hoping to get lucky.  The P250 Asiimov is definitely one of the coolest pistol skins out there, and if you’re looking for something a little fancier than the Valence, the Asiimov is the way to go.

AK-47 Vulcan FT

market-update_6-19-16_04The AK-47 Vulcan FT, once a staple of any top-tier inventory, is declining in price.  Valued for a long time at $24, the Vulcan currently goes for around $19.50.   To say that the AK-47 is a safe investment is a bit of an understatement; for a long time, the AK-47 has been THE staple weapon of the Counter-Strike players.  A player’s AK-47 skin says a lot about the player; from the skin all the way down to the stickers, you want your AK skin to be recognizable.  Whether it’s an AK-47 Hydroponic with drug lord stickers or a Case-Hardened that you have every pattern memorized on, the AK-47 skins are the best skins that you can buy.  Not only will you use them the most, but they’re the ones that people care the most about as well.  Speaking of skins that people always care about, the AK-47 Redline FT currently goes for around $4.50, the lowest we’ve seen in a while.  Now would be the time to buy a ton of ‘em and then wait for the market to go back up after the summer sale is over.

Cyrex M4A1-S MW


The Cyrex M4A1-S MW tanked from $12 down to around $8.50, but such is typical of many M4A1-S skins.  The price for the MW version has already jumped back up to $9.50, while the FT version has not.  I would jump on it while you can, especially while the Field-Tested Cyrex is under $7.  It is a bear market, but the value of M4A1-S skins in particular dropped after the last patch.  For example, the M4A1-S Nitro FN went from $5 down to $3.40, and if the past is any indication of future success, these skins will appreciate in value over time.  After the Assault Rifle changes, people were selling them like wildfire, and as a result the M4A1-S skins were undervalued.  Eventually the prices for these skins will go up, and you should be there waiting to reel in the money.
market-update_6-19-16_06[TLDR] If you’re too lazy to read, the main point is that there are a lot of skins that have gone down in price, some of which will go up either because people sold too many of them or because they are classic skins that will always be high in demand.  Best buys right now are M4A1-S skins, particularly the Field-Tested Nitro and Field-Tested Cyrex skins.  I hope that you got the highlighted scoop for the CSGO market as a whole right now and, at the very least, learned about some of the hip skins in CSGO!  That’s all I’ve got for today, and if you have any questions feel free to leave them below!! Happy hunting!

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