News about all CS:GO Skins


The Chroma 3 case has come and gone, and 9 days ago the Gamma case has newly arrived.  With all the new stuff that’s been happening, there’s been a few trends that have taken root. However, it can be noted that overall, it’s a bear market.  Blame it on what you will; the summer sale…
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If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late (Market Update 2/17/16)

Alright baby, we're back. Operation wildfire went live February 17th 7:43 PM CST, in other words an hour ago for me.  This is HUGE for the CSGO economy, for the CSGO traders, and for YOU.  The sooner you buy the operation, the more valuable the drops that you get from it will be.  An hour…
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Woah.. what just happened?! – Market Update 1/6/16

Trading’s been rough.  The Steam Guard notifications significantly slowed down the trading process, especially for those who didn’t have e-mail notifications. Between the Steam Sale and the many difficulties that many CSGO traders and gamblers have been facing, there’s been a lot of downward movement in the CSGO market.  If you haven’t yet tried to…
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“Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk? – Market Update 12/9/15

[embed][/embed] What a week, you're just sitting there eating your lunch, and BOOM a drop happens, you need to whip out your .44 Magnum Revolver and kill some punks!  With the release of the new R8 Revolver, the state of the game has been very strange. Along with this new hand cannon comes new skins and…
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