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Why CSGO Skin Prices Drop, and What You Can Do to Invest Wisely

Don't buy souvenir cases- Buy keys instead!! Flip keys from OPSkins to the Community Market for quick profit, especially when people are buying keys for over $2.75 Not everyone buys dualie skins, which means people do not always realize a good dualie deal when they see one.  Buying dualie skins when the market deflates might not be…
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As Next Operation Approaches, Don’t Lose Out on the Market Dip

Items priced between $1-20 will experience a sharp drop in price Wait for the next operation Consistency in shadow daggers Shadow boxes drops encouraging for picking up Frontside Misty As a trader, hang away from those M4A1-S like a bad smell Market Movements Pending Next Operation Overall, the market has not changed drastically in the…
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