“Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk? – Market Update 12/9/15

What a week, you're just sitting there eating your lunch, and BOOM a drop happens, you need to whip out your .44 Magnum Revolver and kill some punks!  With the release of the new R8 Revolver, the state of the game has been very strange. Along with this new hand cannon comes new skins and a new case, and the market prices are fluctuating quite a bit.  The revolver cases are worth $6.50 at the time I’m writing this, so if you get a revolver case dropped in game SELL IT IMMEDIATELY!!  This goes for the R8 Revolver Bonemask drop as well, since the price is rapidly dropping from $.80 downwards.  Let’s get started with this week’s market update.

R8 Revolver

  • R8 Revolver has been out-classing every gun in the game.
  • R8 Revolver Fade selling for $75 just after being available.
  • R8 Revolver Amber Fade field-tested for $22.
  • Sell your R8 Revolver Bonemask.

09122015-p1The R8 Revolver has been out-classing every gun in the game since its release on December 8th.  However, it has some pretty amazing skins.  The R8 Revolver Crimson Web, which is a blue from the Revolver Case (one of the most common results of opening the case) is currently selling for around $5 field-tested and $4.50 battle-scarred.  These prices are continually dropping, especially since they originally were above the price of the case.  However, factory-new the R8 Crimson Web is worth over $40.

The R8 Revolver Fade, a red from the Revolver Case (the second most rare from the case, second only to a knife) started at $90 field-tested and currently sells for around $75 after 18 hours of being available.

The R8 Revolver Amber Fade is a drop that you can get from ranking up, and these currently sell for $22 field-tested.

Finally, the R8 Revolver Bonemask is a random drop you can get anytime, and if you happen to get one of these I would recommend immediately selling it before it goes down to $.05 like all other skin drops in the game.  All of these prices will decrease as more cases are opened up and more people have the skins, but until then these are the standard prices.  If you’re looking for a good deal, I would not recommend buying these skins; but if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, then now is the time to sell!


  • Knifes sit of a knife's edge, steady but drops when market floods
  • Trade, trade and trade your knifes, avoid selling!

Knife prices have been pretty steady recently, although there tends to be drops in prices whenever new items come out.  Prices have been well-established for the shadow daggers, and occasionally you’ll find a good deal here or there.  Right now, the best thing to do with knives is definitely trade.

09122015-p2Adding $10 to your inventory might not seem easy, but if you make a couple bucks here and there soon enough you’ll be able to sell of your inventory for big bucks!  Because there are no fluctuation in prices, buying and selling is not as cost effective as simple trading.  It might be a little more speculative, but it bypasses the commission that is avoidable in buying/selling.

AWP skins (Field-Tested)

  • A long time warrior, the AWP Asiimov on the price decline.
  • Now's the time to look at buying one on the community market.
  • Head to the community market to fetch yourself a AWP Pit Viper (field-tested) or a AWP Boom (minimal-wear) for a good price.


One of the timeless AWP skins for any competitive player, the AWP Asiimov has been on the decline recently.  Dropping down to $34 at times, the AWP Asiimov skin has been going for very cheap.  If you’ve had some steam credit saved up, now would be the time to buy an Asiimov.

Over the past week and a half, the AWP Pit Viper (field-tested) rose $.50 in price, from a price of 70 cents to $1.15.  Who knows why? But it just might be an indication that in the future, the pit viper will be a more valuable low-tier skin.  If the price dips hard sometime in the near future, I would recommend picking up at least a couple off the Community Market.

Finally, the AWP Boom (minimal-wear) prices dipped hard this week, and I would be shocked if the price doesn’t go up in the near future.  The AWP Boom is a great pickup right now if you can afford it at the current price of $17.50, and lower if you have the steam guard notifications.

My Recommendations

  • Sell any R8 Revolver skins or revolver cases you might get through drops or leveling up.
  • Buying and selling knives does not pose large profit unless you see a chance good deal.
  • However, the price on the AWP Boom at the time I’m writing this is incredible; I bought one myself and plan to sell it once the price goes over $20 again.

A Note on Steam Guard Notifications

Finally, Steam Guard notifications came out, and Steam is offering a 5% discount to everyone who signs up for it before December 16th.  This is a great time to buy on the Community Market, and I would highly recommend taking advantage of it before it’s over.

CS Community Overall

09122015-p4As far as the state of the current Counter-strike community, everyone’s upset about the R8 Revolver because it’s literally an $850 AWP without the scope.  I’m just as upset as the next MGE.

However, Gaben is a benevolent monopolistic mastermind, and he will address it when it starts to affect the 5% commission he gets from every CSGO skin sale.  That’s all I’ve got for this week, and as always, don’t troll my soloqueue!

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