How to Make Skins in CS GO Like A Boss

Whether you want to have a great idea for a skin or simply want to change up the way your weapon looks without paying money, making CSGO skins is the best way to customize your weapon. Even though these skins will not show up for other players spectating you, the change in scenery when you’re using your guns makes the game more fun and unique. This guide on how to make skins in cs go will teach you how to customize the way your guns look by using Photoshop Extended Edition.

Step 1.

Download The Files

First what you’ll need to do is download the default weapon skins, which can be found here: [Links to Google Drive directory]. It has all the knives, rifles, pistols, etc. I’ll be explaining this guide today on the AK-47, since it is the most popular rifle skin in the game.step-1

Extract The Files

Next, unzip the '.rar' (just a compressed folder) file using win.rar and save the .tga and object file where you can find them.step-1-2

Open With Photoshop

Go to Photoshop, open the object file called "ak47.obj", and switch it to the 3D workspace (which you will need). step-2-1

Step 2.

Say Hello to My Little Friend

You can drag around your AK here, inspecting it essentially.step-2-2

Step 3.

Set the Settings

Go to Environment and turn up the color because otherwise the AK is very dark and you cannot see what you are doing. step-3-1Now go to material, go to Diffuse, and next to the page button click on replace texture. step-3-2

Let's Add Some Bad Ass

Photoshop will prompt you to open a file, so select the "ak47.tga" file you have in the folder of extracted files you downloaded earlier, and it will map the skin to the 3D model. step-3-4

To start your editing, go back to diffuse and click on edit texture. It should open up a window with all the individual parts on it.


Step 4.

New Layer

Switch from 3D to Essentials and make a new layer. Important -> It won’t work if you edit the base layer. step-4-1


Go Nuts Picasso

Now, select the Polygonal Lasso Tool so we can begin to outline whichever piece of the AK for which you want to change the color. step4-3


Once selected, move the mouse into the selected area and right click, then from the menu, select fill.

step-4-5 arrow-right step-4-6 arrow-right step-4-7

And... Voilà!


Now that we have the color applied to our selected area, we need to adjust the opacity of the color overlay to ensure we can see the underlying texture of the original gun. Generally, in the range of 25-30 works well for me.

Now, type 'v' on the keyboard to switch Photoshop back from the Polygonal Lasso Tool to the standard 'Move Tool'. This should remove the selection around the colored area of the gun. Effectively telling Photoshop that 'we're sweet' to lock in those changes.step-4-10

Time To View the Masterpiece

Let's switch back to our 3D view of the gun, this view will update live (as soon as you move the model a little bit).


Step 5.

Rinse & Repeat

Repeat step 4 and choose different areas of the weapon to the desired colors you want. You can be as detailed or as basic as you want. I hope you keeping up here, because we are about half way through our guide on how to make skins in cs go.

Step 6.

Save It

Now switch back over to our map of parts, go to File -> "Save As", and save it to your folder. step-6-1

Don't Forget

Important -> when you are saving this file, make sure if  it as a "Targa" file (.tga).


AND Save it as a 32-bit.


You can now close Photoshop!

Step 7.

Preparing for CSGO Import with VTF

Now open VTF Edit ( to download it if you haven’t already) and go to "File" -> "Import". Then navigate to where you just saved your .tga file and select this file for import. step-7-1

You don’t need to change any settings that pop up in the "VTF Options" window, just leave them as is. Now wait a few moments while VTF loads the ".vga" file into the program, it should load after a bit, and you can now view the map of your skin.


Simply Just Save Again

Nothing else to be done here except to save your model as a ".vtf" file and close it. We only need to do this because we will need a ".vtf" file type for import into CSGO

Step 8.

Here Comes the Cool Part

Open up CSGO and now go to the console. For those of you don’t have your console enabled, enable it under game settings and then press the ~ button above tab on your keyboard.

step-8-1 arrow-right step-8-2

Type workshop_workbench into your console, or just type workshop and then click on workshop_workbench option.


Step 9.

Pimp Your Ride Weapon

Go to the top left and choose "Custom Paint Job", then just underneath that menu click on "Choose Pattern..."


Find the ".vtf" File

You may have to go all the way back to your C:Drive and find where you was saved the ".vtf" file we saved in the previous steps; simply go to Users/Desktop and then find the folder you from there.

Step 10.

Don't Be Offset

Now your new weapon pattern is loaded you may find that sometimes the skin will be a little offset, so you want to drag all the offsets (X offset, Y offset, Rotation, and wear) to 0 and then click ignore weapon size on the left-hand side.


Now click inspect, and look at your gorgeous skin!


Admire Your Skillz

Now that you’re finished editing the skin, click on workbench and take a screenshot of the full length of your skin (this will come in handy for the next step) and save it to your desktop.


Step 11.

Let's Get This Bad Boy Live

Firstly click 'Save' in the bottom right hand corner, this should unlock the 'Submit' button right next to it. Now click 'Submit', and your skin will be uploaded to the workshop. Give it a name and description, and for the preview of the image, upload your screenshot.


The workbench file (.TXT) and .vtf file should already be there, and the only other thing you have to upload is the "Targa" file, which is the ".tga" file that we saved from Photoshop in Step 6. OH, and don't forget to tick the box stating that you have read the terms of service ;).

Step Well-Frickin'-Done

Congratulations, you just edited your first default skin!! Now you can kill others with your own unique style, and people on your stream will wonder where in the hell you got that unique skin. If you have any questions or need help on how to make skins in cs go, feel free to leave a comment below. Good luck with the skin design, and as always, don’t troll my solo queue!

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    Hi, I have an issue trying to open the .obj using photoshop cc 15, it says that that kind of format can't be openned. Thanks!

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