Is Gambling Really Profitable?

Today we will look at:

  • Gambling CS:GO skins, is this stuff even legal?
  • The ins and outs of what you need to know to take on the beast
  • The biggest and best gambling sites on the net:
    • Include E-Sports Betting
    • CSGO Jackpot
    • and CSGO card games

If you’re a serious trader, there’s no doubt you’ve either seen gamblers or gambled a little yourself. Between CSGO Jackpot streamers and CSGO Lounge, it’s nearly impossible to be involved in trading and not know about gambling.  For some, it’s a hobby, and for others it’s an addiction.  I’ll break down the basics of CSGO gambling, and then get more detailed about the best sites to use.


Just to preface this article, I used to be a heavy gambler and got very lucky a couple times, enough to make around $300 of profit before losing half of it back and finally selling out.  So I’ve used most of, if not all of these sites, and I am not sponsored by them in any way.  I have seen many traders become addicted to gambling and lose their whole inventories and then spending more money just to lose it all again.  Keep in mind temperance is important, and gambling is for fun after all.  A lot of luck is required, and Gabe Newell sees all.  Let’s get started.

Is It Legal?

Although there is a lot of gray area regarding CSGO gambling, it is legal to gamble in the United States if you are over 18. Technically speaking, you are supposed to be 17+ if you play CSGO, but that’s an entirely different story.  Anyways there is little to no regulation of the age limit, so pretty much everyone slips by gambling because it is only virtual goods and not “real currency”.  So yes, Valve knows there are gambling sites, and your account will not be trade-locked or perma-banned for gambling.

The Basics: What You Need to Know


281616ee395b5bc59101edab501ff445Yes, people do occasionally get lucky betting their whole inventory. Odds are, that will not be you.  Only gamble what you can afford to lose, and remember that theoretically speaking, you are guaranteed to lose money over an infinite number of trials.  It is easy to get carried away, especially if you’re on a winning streak, but really try to limit what you put on the line.  My suggestion is to have a “betting inventory”, made up of skins that you don’t really use or like.  That way you have some change you can work with, and if you go “all in”, you won’t lose your entire inventory.

You will lose.

Everyone loses at some point. It doesn’t matter if you have 98% odds to win or if you’re “due to win” or if you’re betting on an E-sports team that hasn’t lose a game in 12 matches.  Everyone loses at some point, and you have to understand that you can’t win ‘em all.  Gambling is supposed to be entertainment, not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Don’t Cry over Spilt Milk. Or a Lost Inventory.

Losing can be frustrating, I know. Especially if you worked really hard to get a knife.  But I would never count on someone giving you your stuff back after you lose, especially if you cry to them about how it was everything you had.  The community frowns upon QQers in comps and in gambling, so don’t be that guy.

The Biggest/Best Sites for Gambling

Some sites are more popular than others, as well as there are different types of gambling.  I’ll break it down and explain each one, and you can decide for yourself which one’s the best.

The Kraken: E-Sports Betting

Probably the most popular and most reliable, E-sports betting is without a doubt the easiest to get into. CSGO Lounge, the most popular trading site in the world, has E-Sports betting attached to it, and for good reason.  How it works is that traders choose to bet which professional CSGO team they want to win in a certain game, and the odds are created by the number of people who think a team will win.  For example, if I bet $10.00 worth of skins on Fnatic when they play Na’Vi and Fnatic is predicted to win with 58% odds, then if Fnatic wins I receive around $14.00 skins in return.  Obviously, the more you bet, the more you’ll win.


One thing to note is that the prizes you get are from the players that lost, so if one team is supposed to lose pretty bad, most of the bets for them will be P250 Sand Dunes and other terrible skins, whereas if there’s a huge upset the winners will receive very nice prizes.  One thing to keep in mind is that although some games might be for sure wins, upsets do happen and the players cannot be blamed for that.  One example was when Cloud 9 Freakazoid was being spammed on Twitch after a huge upset, and he said it best: if you want to verbally abuse the players because you lost a $500 betting on a competitive game that either team can win on any given day, then you shouldn’t be gambling at all.

What sites are there for E-sports betting? Enter the CSGO Lounge

There are other sites, but honestly there’s no real reason to go anywhere else.  The best squreway to make profits on E-sports gambling is to pay close attention to the pro scene, and know when the odds and payouts are skewed.  The payouts for CSGO Lounge are made by human players placing bets and not CSGO analysts.  Thus, sometimes there are games where the odds (and consequently payout) are way too polarized or way too skewed, and you can take advantage of that by betting on the team that has a better chance than most people think, or by betting on a team that will definitely win the game harder than usual.Skewed odds

Most of this comes down to knowing how the players are feeling, knowing what the team rosters are, and knowing the context that the players are in.  Take into account losing/winning streaks, matchup (players’ and maps’) history, and how well some teams perform in tournaments as opposed to scheduled games.  As I said before, this is the “best” way to make profits because with the proper time and research, you are more likely to make money than the other ways listed.

CSGO Jackpot

The most iconic form of gambling, this one’s all luck (or provably fair, which is the style of randomly chosen winning). It’s also how some of the CSGO community celebrities accrue their $50,000 inventories.  This style of gambling happens as such: People put their skins into the pot, and for each $.01 that your skin is worth, you get one “raffle ticket”.  Once the pot reaches a certain number of skins or the timer runs out, an animation plays and a winner is chosen from some percentile of the pot through provably fair, and he is sent a trade offer for 95% percent of the skins deposited (the site takes a house cut of around 5%; sometimes more, usually less.)

For example, everyone deposits their skins, and the pot is worth $1000.  One person put in $100 worth of skins, then another person put in $300, and the final person put in $600.  The winner is chosen at the 37.87538217th percentile, and since the person who deposited $300 had everything from 10%-40%, he takes $950 worth of skins.  If you want to learn more about how the winner is chosen, most sites have their own explanation of provably fair. That All Sounds a Little Intense, is There Something Easier on my Brain?

CSGO Jackpots are all luck.  It’s all random numbers, random number generator, up down sideways or in circles, no one knows what the outcome will be.  So say your prayers to RNGesus or GabeN, and let’s get started.jackpot

High Roller CSGO Jackpot:

This was the first gambling site I ever saw, and also one of the biggest. It has a slick interface where you deposit all the skins you want to gamble with beforehand, and so you can put them into the pot almost instantly with the click of a button.  This is a high roller jackpot site, and is fun to watch on the site or even on Twitch.  Some would argue csgoshuffle is bigger and better because it held the biggest pot ever of over $100,000, and minimum bet was $10,000.  The sites are very similar, and very fair.  I would say you have the least chance of winning here, especially if you’re a newbie to gambling and trading.

Mid-tier jackpot:

EZ skins was the site that I gambled on to make most of my winnings, and for good reason. EzskinsIt has a silver gambling feature where the maximum bets allowed are $30 and minimum bets are $1, and it allows you to place up to 10 skins.  The pot starts once there are 60 skins deposited, and then it’s all up to Gaben.  Thus even if you can’t blow $500 on gambling, you still have a relatively high chance of winning, plus there’s a cool animation for choosing the winner.  Most pots go for between $80 and $200, and it can pay out big time if you get lucky.  I actually won $180 on my first ever bet on this site, which I put $10 on.  I also went on a streak of 10 consecutive losses, so that just goes to show you it’s all luck.  However, mid-tier sites like this one balances your odds of winning and actually gambling for something of value, so I would say it’s definitely worth trying once.

Penny Jackpot: and

Penny gambling has always been inconsistent in the CSGO community, but was always a good one. With the deposit system similar to CSGO jackpot, the time-based gambling can get pretty intense.  It hablitzs a $6 max bet lounge, and it a lot of fun to play when people are on.  However, the site has been down somewhat often since Steam Guard came out, so it’s not always functional. is the lowest tier gambling you can get, which has a room that has a $.2 max bet per item, and 10 items.  So really a $2 max bet I suppose.  Anyways if you have some extra cases laying around and you want to possibly win more cases, is the place to do it.

CSGO Card Games

Whether you’re a casino veteran or poker newbie, CSGO poker and blackjack can be a lot of fun. Very different from the typical win or lose all mentality of jackpot and E-Sports gambling, both poker and blackjack have a much more natural feel to them.  I was never very good at either, but they can be much more entertaining over long bouts of gambling.  Here are the two sites I would recommend.

CSGO Poker

pokaAfter a very sketchy beta, CSGO Poker has done a visual overhaul and is now the go-to site for CSGO card games. Texas Hold’em and 4-card Omaha are the two main features of this site.  The way it works is you deposit your skins for coins, according to the skin’s value, and then you can gamble these coins at different tier tables.  There are tables where the big blinds are equivocally $.004, so you don’t need to worry about losing big money if you just want to have some fun, but there are also tables that have big blinds of up to $10.00.  CSGO Poker is my favorite gambling site, and the only one I still use on a regular basis.  If you’re good at online poker, this would be a very profitable method of gambling.  If you’re like me, however, it’s a surefire way to lose only 10 cents every session.

CSGO Blackjack

One of the most irresistible and frustrating games out there, CSGO blackjack never fails to entertain. My only advice is not to get too addicted, since we all know the house always wins.  You can make very small or very large bets, and you play against the house in typical blackjack fashion.  Overall it’s a lot of fun, and it’s even more satisfying if you cash out with better skins than you started with.Blackjack

In conclusion, CSGO gambling can be very entertaining, and also very profitable.  E-Sports betting is best for consistent payout and potential profit, CSGO Jackpot is the quickest and largest wins if you’re feeling lucky, and CSGO Poker is the best for entertainment and small winnings.  Most of the biggest inventories were acquired through gambling, and a lot of large pots are won by people who already have a ton of skins.  Many more people win than lose in CSGO gambling, and occasionally you’ll find a sketchy site that has dysfunctional trade bots or is very skeet with payout.  Be wary with most sites, and I would recommend sticking to the popular ones.  That’s my take on CSGO gambling, and I hope you enjoyed my guide.  If you have any comments, questions, criticisms, or concerns, feel free to comment below.  Be happy, and gamble responsibly.

If you have a gambling problem, there’s help for you.  Call 1-800-522-4700 for the National Gambling Problem Hotline, or you can look up your local hotline for help.

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