The Ultimate CSGO Setup

csgo1If you’ve played CSGO or any competitive game for a long time, chances are you’ve invested quite a bit of money into it, and for good reason. But today, I’m not talking about knives, skins, operations, or anything like that. Today is the day that separates the casuals from the die-hards, the squeakers from the carries; today, I’m gonna give you the ins and outs of the ultimate CSGO setup.

Now, you might be thinking “Can’t we just watch a setup video by C9 n0thing or Sparkles and copy what they do?” While professional setups are often tricked out, they are somewhat limited by sponsorship and practicality, especially if they travel a lot on a professional team. Of course there’s a lot of personal preference and opinions when it comes to gaming setups, but here’s what you need to know to complete your ultimate CSGO setup.

Quick Overview of Our Ultimate CSGO Set Ups

Budget Option

ItemTypePrice        Our Rating
CM Storm Gaming KeyboardKeyboard$105     
Arozzi Monza Gaming ChairGaming Chair$200     
NoScope 'Wraith' Gaming GlassesGaming Glasses<$60     
Logitech G502 Gaming MouseMouse$65     
Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse PadMousepad$30     
LG Electronics Gaming MonitorMonitor$300     

Premium Option

ItemTypePrice    Our Rating
Razer BlackWidow Gaming KeyboardKeyboard$140 
DXRacer Gaming ChairGaming Chair$330 
Gunnar Optiks Gaming GlassesGaming Glasses$60 
ROCCAT Nyth MouseMouse<$100 
Razer Goliathus Alpha Mouse MatMousepad>$30 
Acer Predator Widescreen DisplayMonitor$1350 

Keyboard: The Clacks before the Clicks

razerWhen picking out a keyboard, half of it is picking out something that works good and well, and the other half is picking what you know you’ll love. Getting a new keyboard is always awkward at first, but once you start to love it, you’ll never stop. The keyboard is a quintessential part of any setup and is usually the flashiest, with macros and backlights galore. Hands-down the best keyboard for quality (and backlights) is the Razer Blackwidow Chroma.

csgo2Razer has, for a long time, been on the forefront of gaming engineering; because the keys are responsive and made specifically for gaming with a life span of 60 million strokes, they’ll never fail you. You can also macro on the fly, which lets you set a round-by-round buy path instantly. However, it’s impossible to talk about the Razer Chroma without talking about the customizable backlighting. With the full color spectrum and completely customizable lighting, you can change the backlights to suit exactly what you want. There’s so many more specs that it has, such as the gaming mode for when you’re in the zone and audio jacks, but I’d be here all day if I went into it.

Pricey but...

csgo3For $140 it’s a pretty steep price, but it’ll make any gaming setup feel truly unique. If you’re looking for something a little less flashy and a little more professional, the Cooler Master Quickfire is one of the best products on the market. It has an LED backlight as well, but is a bit less bulky and does not have the macro extension. However, the Rapid-I allows for precision and ergonomic support that is difficult to match.

image_963At the price of $105, it’s a little more affordable and lets people know you mean business. One thing to note is that both of these options are gaming-oriented keyboards, which means the buttons are raised significantly and respond super-quickly once they’re pressed down. If you’re looking for something else, there’s plenty of other options for you, but they’re generally not considered gaming keyboards.

Gaming Chairs: The Ultimate Luxury

csgo4If you’re anything like me, you probably spend hours at a time sitting in the same spot. Whether it’s watching Youtube or indulging in comps, it’s way too easy to spend tons of time sitting in your gaming chair whether you’re sitting on a plastic folding chair or a top-tier, comfy chair. It’s not an absolute necessity to have a gaming chair, but I’m sure the investment will be more than worth it to your back and overall well-being. If nothing else, your future self will appreciate it (lol).


Unlike everything else in this guide, gaming chairs are important because the chair that you sit in has a direct impact on your quality of life. If your back starts hurting or you find yourself hunched over all the time, I would recommend investing in a nice gaming chair. My (and most pros) strongly recommend the brand DX Racer, and to top off the ultimate setup I’d go with the DXRacer F-Series Executive. This chair will blow you off your feet, quite literally. This chair has perfect back support with a flexible back that you can adjust to suit your needs. Laying in this thing is like laying in the driver’s seat of a sports car. The armrests aren’t too bulky so they won’t get in the way of your mouse hand, and the pillows make you feel like you’re a pro.

Chair for the Pros

csgo5It’s at the steep price of $330, but there’s a reason that DXRacer is used by many professional e-Sports players, even the ones without sponsorship. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper but with the same comfort, the Arozzi Monza is for you. One of the benefits that the Monza has is cushioned, stable arms, which can be a benefit if you’re feeling lazy. This chair, designed in Sweden, has thick padding and plenty of back support for long gaming sessions, and looks like a racing chair.

Like most gaming chairs you can tilt it back and adjust the height, but it lets you lock the angle the chair at the angle you want it and is relatively light. At $200, it’s a little easier on the wallet than DXRacers, which leaves you room to spend more on other hardware!

Again, chairs are a thing of preference. If you want to play in a plastic folding chair, you’re more than welcome to; hen but you might change your mind when you have back problems in the future. Don't forget to give your body a little exercise once in a while!tumblr_n0f8xl4F6P1tp4olfo1_r1_500

Gaming Glasses: Do You See What I See?

csgo6While we’re on the topic of things you’ll be glad you invested in, gaming glasses are totally in right now. If you’ve ever pulled an entire day online, you’ll know that your eyes can sometimes hurt from too much exposure to the screen. The best thing you can do for your eyes is to wear gaming glasses: at one time unheard of, Gunnar Optiks makes top of the line gaming glasses to prevent your eyes from hurting and improving the contrast in order to see those pixels better.

Gunnar Optiks Intercept

Intercept-onyx-amber-01Gunnar Optiks Intercept is what I would recommend, especially if you’re one of those people (like me) that just can’t seem get away from your laptop. At just under $60, these glasses could be the difference between needing prescription glasses and having 20/20 vision, or even tip you off about where they planted the bomb. While you might be skeptical at first, even doctors recommend that gamers wear Gunnars to protect and enhance your eyesight. The lenses themselves come in an amber color that blocks high-energy blue light, glare, and even UV rays. And in case you’re worried about them giving out on you, they even have a 1 year warranty.

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, the NoScope Wraiths could be for you. Similar to the Gunnar, NoScope created glasses specifically for gamers that allows us to play into the late hours of the night. They’re coated in a special resin that blocks harmful rays that come off the screen, so you won’t have any vision fatigue.

Mouses and Mousepads: The Only Thing Keeping You from Greatness

While I’m not gonna preach to you what settings you should play at on CSGO or what kind of macros you should be running, I will tell you that the right mouse and a large mousepad can make all the difference. If you’re playing League of Legends, maybe a hotkey or two will cut it. But CSGO requires so much more, especially if you’re running at a relatively low sensitivity (which you should be).

csgo10The best mouse on the market, hands down, is the Roccat Nyth. Originally made for other MMO’s, the Roccat Nyth is entirely customizable for what you want it to do. With customizable side buttons and a mobile app that lets you customize DPI, RGB lighting and other settings on the fly, it doesn’t get much better than this. Side note: if you have a 3D printer, you can even print your own buttons to stick onto the side of it.

Express yourself, customize!

csgo8This is hands down the most customizable mouse to date. You can set a unique function to each of the 12 buttons on the side, but if that’s too complicated for you then you can panel the lower two rows and go with the classic FPS double-barrel on the side. It brings us into a whole new era of gaming, and certainly a whole new spectrum to be explored in the mouse industry. At just under $100, the Roccat Nyth is the best mouse that you can get, especially if you like rounded mice. If you’re looking for a mouse with a more ergonomic design or something that’s more in your price range, then the Logitech Proteus Spectrum is for you. At around $65, you get 11 programmable buttons that fit seamlessly into the ergonomic design.

csgo9This mouse literally looks like it’s from the future. You can change the DPI on the go, so if you clutch the ace and have to bhop to the bomb, you won’t have to waste your time swinging back and forth like a buffoon. Or, if you’re like me, you won’t have to change your sensitivity every time you go from a kz server to a comp. The precision, response, and balance that Logitech promises is unlike any other product on the market, but the thing that makes the Proteus unique is that it comes with 5 weights that you can add onto for more (or less) weight, exactly where you want them. That’s the kind of customization that allows for impactful play, and you can rest easy knowing that your mouse will get it done.

Let's not forget the mousepads

It’s hard to talk about mice without talking about mousepads, and for good reason; if you’re gonna have a precise mouse that moves to the exact pixel that you expect it to, then your mousepad should match that precision. At almost every level of CSGO play, it’s beneficial to play on a low sensitivity. The one drawback to this is that it requires you to have a large mousepad! The biggest difference between mousepads is whether to choose hard or soft: harder mousepads are generally smoother and provide less traction, allowing for intuitive flicks and an easy range of motion. Softer mousepads provide more friction and more stability, making sure your mouse puts you on the right pixel. It’s ultimately a matter of preference, and I would strongly recommend trying both before settling on the perfect mouse pad for you. One of the best tried and true hard mousepads is the Logitech G440.

This mouse pad is low-friction and has a consistent texture all around. It also has an ideal surface that is maximized for Logitech mouse accuracy, so you know that every pixel will be account for. The stable rubber base makes sure nothing slips, and for $30, the Logitech G440 is a good buy. However, if you don’t like hard mousepads, then the Razer Goliathus Alpha “mouse mat” is for you. Made larger specifically for FPS gamers, the Razer Goliathus gives you the millimeter precision that might be compromised in a harder mouse pad. The micro texture of the Goliathus gives you the friction that you need, while still being comfortable for hours. The Goliathus also gives optimal tracking for every kind of mouse sensor, which further allows for precision and accuracy. At the price of just over $30, it’s hard to beat. When ordering mousepads, MAKE SURE YOU GET THE LARGE/ALPHA SIZE!!! It should be somewhere of the ballpark of 11 inches by 12 inches.

Monitors: The Final Barrier

LG-24GM77CSGO graphics are not the most intense of any video game, and that’s no secret. However, a brand new monitor can make everything feel very new. Going from a mediocre monitor to a good one can be a night and day difference, and it’s really the only thing you focus on when you’re in game. There’s a lot of variable that go into a monitor, among them being panel technology, pixel response, and refresh rate. The LG 24GM77 offers an affordable price for outstanding performance; it gives you full control of what angle you want it set at, in addition to several different viewing modes. The ability for it to contrast on its own is unbelievable, and with a 1 millisecond pixel response and 144Hz refresh rate, it offers performance at the great price of $300. The only downside is that it is a Twisted-Nematic (TN) panel, which causes color shift if you look at it from an angle. However, this is a guide on the ULTIMATE Counter-Strike Global Offensive Setup.

The ultimate monitor has to be the Acer Predator x34, which is unparalleled in the field of monitors. At $1,350 the Acer Predator offers a 34 inch curved screen on an In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel for crisp graphics and quite literally the entire world laid out in front of you. The lighting effects, gaming profiles with customized image settings, and countless picture settings provide a luxury experience while gaming. You can set up your own Aim Points for target practice, as well as customized LED settings. Overall, you can’t ask for better quality than this. They say money can’t buy happiness, but the Predator x34 comes pretty close.


That's a wrap


Hopefully this guide has given you everything you need to know in order to look, feel, and play like a professional. If you haven’t noticed, Razer tends to be the gaming standard when it comes to equipment, since it’s made by gamers for gamers. Even though there’s a lot of great products out there, I always always always recommend buying gear that’s used by the pros; after all, they wouldn’t use something if it’s not good. Your ultimate setup awaits you, now go on out there and get the hardware of your dreams.

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