Why CSGO Skin Prices Drop, and What You Can Do to Invest Wisely

  • Don't buy souvenir cases- Buy keys instead!!
  • Flip keys from OPSkins to the Community Market for quick profit, especially when people are buying keys for over $2.75
  • Not everyone buys dualie skins, which means people do not always realize a good dualie deal when they see one.  Buying dualie skins when the market deflates might not be as bad an idea as you think!
  • Investigate some of the more popular skins on the CSGO Market!

AWP WG Chart

It was a falling market last week- the value of almost all skins dipped over the course of the Dreamhack tournament.  Maybe the dip was caused by people quick-selling the items they won from betting on Dreamhack, or simply because people know the next operation will be coming up soon or heard a rumor that the operation would be at the conclusion of the tournament.  Perhaps there’s just not as many buyers in the Community Market with the rising popularity of OPSkins, especially with its announcement of switching its currency from Operation Points to dollar amounts.  Maybe all of the above.

Anyways, the OPSkins announcement big news, and my prediction is that people will realize the discounts on OPSkins and the 30%+ sales that are on there will be harder to find.  Regardless, the market prices floated back up towards what they were a week ago, but some have dipped in price.  My suggestion for this week? Grab those cheap skins off of OPSkins while you can and flip ‘em for profit before the market values equate each other.  If you’re looking to fill your steam wallet, I suggest you take a peek at the key section below.

Souvenir Cases- Don’t fall for these!Souvenir Case

Souvenir cases, while they might seem appealing because they come with unique stickers and do not require a key to open, are not worth the money that you can buy them for on the market.  Just like any other case, you’ll usually get a skin that is worth 15 cents or so, and on the slightest chance that you get a “red” (the rarest weapon from the case), they’re only worth $20 or so compared to a $120 knife you could get from a normal case.

In both situations, case openings will almost always (95% of the time) result in you losing money, but there’s always the entertainment value in opening cases.  Do what you wish!

Keys- Why are keys so expensive on the Community Market?

Honestly, people ask Shadow Keythis question all the time.  Whether it’s because Counter-Strike taxes the price of in-game keys, because the currency exchange can be profitable for those in Europe, or because some people are too lazy to buy keys in-game, the price of keys on the Community Market hovers around $2.75, while in-game they can be bought for $2.50.

However, on OPSkins keys can often be found for around 200 OP, which is equal to $2.00 and soon will be listed as such.  For those of you looking to stash some Steam Credit, stock up on keys from OPSkins at 200 OP and then list them on the Community market at around $2.75.  I did this with 4 shadow keys, I bought them for 198 OP each and then quick-sold them on the Market for $2.75-$2.78, which netted me a profit of 50 cents each or so.  Free $2? I’ll take it.

Dual Berettas- Badass or Troll?

I’ll admit, I’ve never used the dualies in a comp where the game was close.  Known by some as the Max Payne’s, the dual berettas are a kind-of sure way to destroy your armor-less enemies when you win pistol round on CT side.  However, these suckers have been rising in price and I have no idea why.

Even though the Moon in Libra Factory-New dualie skin has almost doubled in price, I wouldn’t buy quite yet- I would say that Dual Beretta skins will be some of the cheapest that go on sale during the next deflation in the Steam Market.  And if I’m wrong, I’ll play a full comp only using the dualies.

Monkey Business: The Down-Low on All your Favorite Skins!

We all love these skins.  They’re the gold standard of what CSGO skins really have to offer. These are some of the most sold/bought skins on the market, and thus are fairly reflective of the market as a whole due to their popularity.  I've included pictures of these skins if you want to buy them, and their market changes are included below!

Five-Seven Monkey Business 5-7 MB
AK-47 Redline  AK-47 Redline
 AWP Asiimov  AWP Asiimov

Five-Seven Monkey Business (Field-Tested)

The Five-Seven Monkey business is a classic, and I have seen countless pros favor this over any other five-seven skin in the game.  The banana that runs along the length of this gun is humorous and adorable.  It dipped all the way down to $1.70 last weekend, but it is currently on the rise.  Currently listed at $2.10, I would say that it is one of the best casual pickups if you’re looking for a way to treat yourself to a new skin.

AK-47 Redline (Field-Tested)

One of the staples of the CSGO skin market, I would say that the AK-47 Redline is one of the most recognized skins in the game.  With a price always fluctuating around $5.50 or so, the AK-47 Redline is one of the most bought skins in the game, with an average of 175 being sold every hour, 80 per hour at night and 400 every hour during peak trading times.  In the past week, AK-47 Redline skins increased up to (as of writing this) $6.10 after dropping in price by $1 over the past month.  The popularity of the AK-47 results in a price that fluctuates hourly, so be aware of when the AK-47 Redline drops below $5.50 and sell when it's above $6!

AWP Asiimov (Field-Tested)

This is THE AWP skin to buy, period.  Coming in at around $40.00, this skin is used by silvers and pros alike because of the instant respect it gives you.  So if you’re looking to channel your inner KennyS, look no further because the Asiimov never goes out of style.  Even though this weapon has been static for a while, there’s still hope that it could go up. I doubt the value will drop any lower since it’s been hovering around $40 since August, so if you want to be badass in-game but not risk losing your inventory, the Asiimov is for you.  The past week saw some pretty big fluctuations culminating in a $3 increase at peak trading times, but overall you know exactly what to expect from the AWP Asiimov.

Our Market Recap

  • OPSkinOPSkins Logos is no longer an underground website: buy what you can before prices rise!
  • Case openings are a guaranteed way to lose money. Yes we have that one friend who swears by them, but unless you make your daily sacrifice to Gaben you’re gonna be getting a lot of Mac-10 skins instead of knives.
  • Keys hold value incredibly well on the Community Market, just know when to sell.
  • The next market depression is just around the corner, and be ready to pounce.

That’s all I’ve got for this week, and I hope you learned something new or plan to take a new business approach.  May Gaben smile upon your steam trades, and as always, don’t troll my soloqueue.

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  1. George
    Nice website and good analysis
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    Awp asiimov will never drop lel (currently $26.50)

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