Best CS:GO teams. Introduction

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is undoubtedly a leader in the sphere of esport. Thousands of professional tournaments have been held since its foundation. Professional organizations have created a market where they make reshuffles. Today, prize funds in professional tournaments and events have long exceeded $ 1 million. Every professional team wants to win the most prestigious tournament and make their name in history. Every gamer who follows the pro scene knows such names as Astralis, Fnatic, SC Gaming, Na’Vi, NIP, Liquid, and G2. In this article, you will find a list of the best csgo teams during their prosperity.

Top 10 CS:GO teams during the transition from CS 1.6 to CS:GO


Fiflaren, Get Right, Friberg, Xizt, and Forest – roaster of Ninjas in Pajamas at the time

At the time of the release of the then-new version of CS:GO, many eSports clubs refused to move from 1.6 to a new discipline (for example, Na’Vi or Fnatic). However, NiP manager Emil “Heaton” Christensen already announced in August 2012 that his team was moving to CS:GO.

The vast experience of that roster + early transition to the new version of CS allowed the Swedish players to immediately gain a foothold in the world rating. Thus, NiP immediately began their dominance by winning 10 LAN tournaments in a row. Moreover, in all these tournaments, they did not lose a map, thereby setting a record (still not beaten) of 87 maps in a row.


JW, Flusha, Pronax, Krimz and Olofmeister – Fnatic roster at the time

The aforementioned victory of Fnatic in the first major was a surprise out of nowhere, but they failed to secure a place in the top 1. Yes, and in the top 2, too, could not, which is already there. After DreamHack Winter, the team won nothing, taking a modest 5-8 place in the second Major, which led to substitutions. In June 2014, Fnatic signed the great duo of their arch-rivals LGB Gaming: olofmeister and KRIMz. The results went up almost instantly: the guys reached the final of the major, and also significantly improved their online results.

The Fnatic era began right after Cologne when they won 4 major LAN tournaments in a short time: SLTV, ESWC, FACEIT, Fragbite, and went to the fifth major – DreamHack WInter 2014 as the main favorites. Then 2015, almost completely passed under the dictation of Fnatic.

Top 10 teams world ranking in 2015 by 

Top 10 csgo teams since 2018 – the present moment

Top 10 CS:GO teams list created by our experts according to world ranking statistic:

#1 Astralis 

Device, Gla1ve, Xyp9x, Dupreeh, Magisk- Astralis roster ( till 2020)

#2 Natus Vincere 

s1mple, Perfecto, electronic, b1t, BoomЫ4 – Na`Vi roster (till 28.05.2022)

#3 Faze Clan

karrigan, ropz, Twistzz, broky, rain – FC roaster

#4 Team Vitality 

ZywOo, apEX, misuta, RpK, shox – roaster (till 15.04.2021)

#5 G2

NiKo, Aleksib, huNter, mONESY, JACKZ – G2 roaster

#6 Team Liquid 

EliGE, nitr0, NAF, Twistzz, Grim – roaster (till 20.12.2020)

#7 Heroic

cadiaN, sjuush, stavn, refrezh, TeSeS – Heroic roaster

# 8 NiP

es3tag, REZ, hampus, Plopski, Brollan – NiP roaster

# 9 Cloud9

Axile, Hobbit, SHIRO, nafany, interz – Cloud9 roaster


art, yuurih, KSCERATO, saffe, drop – FURIA roaster

The most famous CS:GO teams and scandals

Their victories and scandalous matches create a mass of hype around organizations. But victories and scandalous matches are brought by players. 

The most famous CS:GO teams of all time is Na’Vi.

This is not news because they have twice the world’s greatest player Alexander “s1mple” Kostyliev. With his phenomenal performance, s1mple attracts thousands of fans. The player likes to grandstand and engage in trash talks on Twitter. 

Fnatic and scandal during DreamHack Winter 2014 quarter-finals. 

This major was remembered by most for the scandal olofmeister boost on the de_overpass map (the Swedes, losing to the French from LDLC, used a boost to see opponents on the water from plant A), and the Fnatic was forced to leave the tournament. However, this did not prevent them from ending the year with a beautiful victory at ESEA. Olof gets a good piece of glory after that incident.

Fake match by iBUYPOWER

On August 21, 2014, there was a match between the iBUYPOWER and NetcodeGuides teams, in which the iBUYPOWER players lost to an outsider strangely. The guys weren’t able to kill the opponents in the back, and behaved way frivolously in every possible way during the match.

At that time, this match did not arouse any suspicions in anyone, except for one of the DailyDot journalists, who conducted his journalistic investigation and proved that the match was bought.

His article that the players of both teams earned more than $10,000 from this match. Players made bets through fake accounts. As evidence, the correspondence of one of the participants in the “322” match – dboorN and ShahZam, is presented, in which all the details are told. It is worth noting that this correspondence was published by the ex-girlfriend of dboorN.

Ultimately, Valve and other organizations such as ESEA, ESL, and FACEIT permanently banned players from all tournaments. However, this summer ESL, ESEA, and DreamHack have lifted all bans for matchmaking and betting that were issued before February 15, 2015. And on September 28, 2017, three players from the former iBUYPOWER roster (swag, AZK, DaZeD) played their first match after the unban, in which they defeated the Muffin Lightning team at ESEA Premier Season 26 North America.

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