Best CS:GO teams. Introduction

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is undoubtedly a leader in the sphere of esport. Thousands of professional tournaments have been held since its foundation. Professional organizations have created a market where they make reshuffles. Today, prize funds in professional tournaments and events have long exceeded $ 1 million. Every professional team wants to win the most prestigious… Continue reading Best CS:GO teams. Introduction

How to play CS:GO? Basic notions

Counter-Strike is currently the most popular online computer game. For 10 years, it has dominated the genre of online shooters and the eSports sphere, surpassing similar games by a considerable margin. Match Making (ranked or non-ranked) is a 30-round confrontation between 5 “terrorists” and 5 “special forces” players until 16 rounds are won. After the… Continue reading How to play CS:GO? Basic notions

Best CS:GO players

CS: GO. A small acronym that is meaningless to people unfamiliar with gaming. But for any gamer, this game is legendary. Millions of people spend their free time every day playing their favorite video game, a feat that no other game has achieved. But in addition to people who just have fun in Counter-Strike, some… Continue reading Best CS:GO players