How to play CS:GO? Basic notions

Counter-Strike is currently the most popular online computer game. For 10 years, it has dominated the genre of online shooters and the eSports sphere, surpassing similar games by a considerable margin.

Match Making (ranked or non-ranked) is a 30-round confrontation between 5 “terrorists” and 5 “special forces” players until 16 rounds are won. After the 15th round, they change sides: “special forces” become “terrorists” and vice versa. If the score is 15:15, the match ends in a draw. There are ranks in the game for which you play MM. First, you go through calibration, which requires you to win 10 matches, after which you receive the rank that the artificial intelligence thinks you deserve.

Also in the game, there is a radar. It is located in the upper left corner of the screen and is one of the most important sources of information. With its help, you will be able to find out the location of the enemy. After that, it is much easier to make the right decision about the further actions in the round.

How to play counter strike global offensive? Economy

There is still such a thing as an economy in the game. This is money that is given to you for winning or losing a round, planting C4 and defusing it, and kills. Also, economics is about how to properly dispose of the money you have been awarded. The economy determines what type of round you will be playing. Here are the main ones:

Full-buy – the most expensive and efficient purchase, with the helmet and armor, good weapons, and a full set of grenades. If you can afford this ammunition – you don’t have problems with money.

Buy – the average purchase. There are 2 options:

  1. AK-47 or one of the M4s (depends on the side) without grenades or only flashes;
  2.  FAMAS or Galil with a full set of grenades.

Force buy – SMG for economic recovery or due to lack of money.

Economic round – performed when you have $2000 or less and a low loss bonus. Also to restore the economy.

Pistol round. Rounds 1 and 16 are called pistol rounds. Players are given $800 each, which usually buys a kevlar armor or a better pistol than a Glock-18 (for the T side) or USP-S (for the CT side).

How to start playing CS:GO?

Thousands of new players appear in CS:GO every day, even those who are unfamiliar with the Counter-Strike series. And this means that they do not know dozens of unique mechanics that are only in this game, namely: bunnyhop, spray pattern, jump-throw, and many others. Most of them are necessary to play, and most importantly to win.

From the very beginning, the game does not meet the newcomer at least with an introduction to all this. But ordinary players found a way out of this situation – maps from the Steam workshop. There are thousands of different maps to master a variety of game skills for both experienced and less-skilled players.

The most popular of them:

Aim Botz. A versatile map where you can train your aim using all types of weapons, in different ways and in different situations.

Серія тренувальних карт YPrac. These aren’t just maps for one-shot practice. These are universal maps that have several different settings: from training in throwing grenades, flashes, smokes, and Molotov but also prefire practice and playing with bots. Moreover, you can customize both the arsenal of weapons and the complexity of bots.

DC — Aim & Movement — Training. Hitting well on the move and making quick decisions are the two most important elements in CS: GO, thanks to which you will have an advantage in battle. And there’s a whole room on this map that’s dedicated to practicing shooting while moving.

Also, before playing on a certain map, we recommend that you test it because without knowing the map positions, tricks yoit would be harder to win. In this case, opponents will have an advantage over you. 

How do you play CS:GO? Communication

One of the most important components of a match is cooperation and communication with teammates. On the high ranks, on the Faceit platform, and on the pro scene, this is shown most clearly. Without a teamplay, in most cases, you will lose any match. You should discuss with your teammates almost all the decisions you are going to make because they can affect an important round or even a match.

There are a few unwritten rules about communication that you should follow:

1. 1. Choose an in-game leader at the beginning of the match and follow his calls.

2. To behave decently and respectfully towards teammates and opponents. It affects your game a lot.

3. Respectfully teach and adapt beginners to the game, and point out their shortcomings. Remember, you too were rookies.

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